How We Are Preparing to Welcome You Back!!

Although there is a new name, the studio has the same heart! Starting this season off with new hope and
resilience! WE GOT THIS!

It’s been amazing to see the commitment to dance and our studio throughout this pandemic! Our dance family has been devoted to their virtual training and prioritizing their health and happiness from home. As we have gradually opened our studio for summer camps, our kiddos are dancing on Cloud 9 feeling a warm sense of comfort and community while social dis-dancing with their dance friends and faculty. As we begin to fully open the studio and welcome you back to your dance home, we want to share the steps we’ve taken to create a safe environment for our dance family.

We’ve implemented new policies and procedures following the guidance of local health officials; however, it will take the FULL participation of our community to keep everyone safe.

Click on the link to go directly to the policy description:


Drop Off and Pick Up

Wearing Masks

Entering and Exiting Rooms

Dressing Room and Bathrooms


Hand Sanitizers

Social Distancing

Temperature Checks

Cleaning between Classes

Air Purifying


1. Sickness

Parents, if your child is feeling sick or you have a sick family member, PLEASE STAY HOME. We want to protect our immune-compromised dancers and friends.

2. Drop Off and Pick Up

To adhere to a safe occupancy in our lobby, we encourage parents to drop-off and pick-up your dancers. When entering and exiting our lobby, please wear a mask.


3. Wearing Masks

While dancing students are not required to wear masks, they are absolutely allowed if wanted. If there is anyone who strongly would like any faculty member to wear a mask during his/her class child’s class please contact our office. Again, we are in this together!

4. Entering and Exiting Rooms

We will be utilizing our three doors as entry. I know two of the doors are around back, but we feel this will eliminate cross contact and help maintain a safer environment.

   - Room A will have an entry, as well as Room B and C.

   - Room B will be from the front.

   - A and C will come in from the back. Hopefully we will only have to do this for a short time. Doors A and C will be labeled.

   - Door C will mainly be our baby classes and we will allow parents to bring their children in. Please wear a mask and be mindful of distancing. We understand these young ones are too little to be thrown through a door and left.


5. Dressing Room and Bathrooms
For the time being the dressing room will be closed. The bathroom will be open.


6. Bags

Dancers will bring their bags into their rooms. Please limit what they have in their bags. Dance shoes and water bottles are all that is necessary. If they have a cell phone please place in baggie. Cell phones are for emergencies only.

7. Hand Sanitizers

Touchless hand sanitizers have been placed in each studio as well as the front lobby. We will be requiring sanitizing between each class. We also have installed touchless hand soap dispensers in the bathrooms.


8. Social Distancing
In order to keep our dancers at a safe distance, students will be dancing in their 6x6
square or on their self space dot. We are asking dancers to bring in a hand towel for
their use at the ballet barre.


9. Temperatures Checks

Temperatures will be taken upon arrival.


10. Cleaning between classes
We will be disinfecting in between each class.


11. Air Purifying
We will soon be purchasing standing HEPA air purifiers for each.

This has been a difficult time for our students but we’ll get through this together. We can’t wait to celebrate with you through movement and laughter. Our main objective is to give our students a safe environment and outlet during these times as well as some connection with dance friends and our favorite faculty. Together, let’s keep each other safe and get moving. We are thrilled to welcome you back to the studio and can’t wait to dance with you soon!

Copy of COVID-19 Protocol Chart Final-1.