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The DiscoverDance Early Childhood Program is a series of movement classes designed to introduce children to the creative and expressive world of dance primarily aimed at ages 2-6.

Each program offers children the opportunity to develop their natural movement ability in a multi-sensory environment.

Music, movement, visuals, and props will enhance your students' love of the art form and the unique conceptual approach to dance education will provide the opportunity for cognitive growth.

DiscoverDance will also provide your child with social skills, listening skills, coordination, and confidence.

Below are the classes we offer specific to the DiscoverDance program.

Baby Buns & Beats


In the Baby Buns class your little dancer will learn the basic introduction to ballet steps and positions, while enhancing their motor skills and coordination with fun exercises in music qualities and rhythms, and story-telling with movements.

Class Offerings:

- Tuesday 5:15-6:00

Buns & Beats

Baby Buns

The Buns & Beats class is a slightly more advanced version of the Baby Buns class still focusing on their ballet fundamentals, but now incorporating in the most basic of tap elements to develop their motor skills in a fun environment.

Class Offerings:

- Thursday 5:00-5:45

Tot Hop

Preschool hip hop EDITED.jpg

A fun, athletic way for your little one to move.  Age appropriate music and lots of smiles.  From waving your hands in the air to bouncing to the beat.  Developing coordination, musicality, and growth motor skills


Classes Offered:

- Thursday 5:45-6:30

K/1 Ballet/Jazz/Tap Combo


These combo classes give your dancer the option to try different styles in a safe and fun environment.

Classes offered:

- Tuesday 5:15-6:45 Ballet/Tap/Jazz

- Saturday 9:00-10:30  Ballet/Tap/Jazz

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