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Studio Policies

Studio Rules

  • There is no discount or refund for missed classes.  Make-up classes for canceled recreational classes due to illness or inclement weather will be available for 2024-2025 Students extended through May 2025.

  • If we are forced to close due to inclement weather, we will try to make-up classes. Please understand that we cannot be responsible for acts of Mother Nature.  School closings will be announced on

  •  emailed to you, and posted on social media

  • All studio accounts have one primary account holder.  This is the account holder that registers and signs the registration form.  This account holder will be the one considered financially responsible for the account.

  • We are not responsible for injuries sustained in class, on-premises, or at any related event.

  • The Studio is not responsible for lost or misplaced articles. Please put names on all belongings.

  • Any student with an overdue balance of more than 90 days will not be allowed into class until payment in full is received or payment arrangements have been made.

  • Costume orders can only be picked up once the account is paid in full with no balance remaining.

  • All families are required to submit a credit card at registration. Tuition will be charged the day before the next session starts. Costumes will be charged on due date.

  • There is a registration fee at the time of enrollment:

$30 dancer

$35 2 dancers

$40 3 dancers

    Tuition Due Dates:

Tuition 1: August 11th

Tuition 2: September 8th

Tuition 3: October 6th

Tuition 4: November 3rd

Tuition 5: December 8th

Tuition: 6: January 19th

Tuition 7: February 16th

Tuition 8: March 16th

Tuition 9: April 2oth

Tuition 10: May 18th 

A $20 late charge will be added for accounts not paid 14 days after due date.

A $25 fee will be charged for returned checks.


Studio Rules


1. Regular attendance is expected from all students for proper progress.  If your child is unable to attend a class you may arrange for them to attend a make-up class.

2. There are NO REFUNDS for missed classes.

3. Children must be on time for class and dressed according to the studio dress code. This is to ensure dancer's are correctly warmed-up to prevent injury.

 4. No gum, jewelry or baggy clothing allowed.


 In the event of incremental weather, an e-mail will be sent to parents if classes are to be canceled. Your child is welcome to make-up the class in any other appropriate class.


Dress Code

It is important that students adhere to the dress code so as to benefit fully to corrections given of body line during class.


Hair must be secured off the neck and face in a bun or ponytail.

BABY BUNS AND BEATS: Pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes.

Boys: Black shorts, white tshirt or tank, black ballet shoes.

BUNS AND BEATS: Pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes.

Boys: Black shorts, white tshirt or tank, black ballet shoes. 


BALLET: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes


JAZZ: Black shorts or leggings, fitted top, black or tan jazz shoes. (Please ask your instructor for color requirements)


TAP: Comfy clothes, black or tan tap shoes. (Please ask instructor for color requirements)


HIP-HOP: Oversize t-shirt, sweatpants, or big gym shorts will be required for hip hop classes this year. Sneakers must be worn to class and jazz shoes will no longer be acceptable for class participation.

CONTEMPORARY/LYRICAL/MUSICAL THEATRE/TUMBLING/ACRO: Leggings/formfitting pants, fitted top, hair must be pulled back, and appropriate shoes for each class per instructor.

Dance Shoes &


There will be an online store that you will be able to get all your needs.  Dress code and shoes will be selected and available for purchase. Go to the "Shop" tab in our menu for the link to order.

Ballet is the only class that requires a black leotard and pink tights. All other classes require regular dance attire. Hair should be up and away from face.  A Ballet bun is required for Ballet classes. 


Girl's tap shoes must be secured with elastic or tap shoe ties. Please discard ribbons. 


No necklaces, bracelets, & large earrings should be brought or worn to class.

Dress Code
Dance Shoes/Dancewear

Class Parties

& Food Allergies

Please let the office staff and your child's teacher know of any food allergies your child may have so it can be added as a note on your account. If you are planning to bring anything for the class to enjoy (birthdays, etc.) please call the studio or email the teacher ahead of time. We ask that if you bring in food for the class that you also bring along the ingredients list. When bringing in something please keep it simple.


If your child has any food allergies please leave us a list of acceptable alternatives. For the dancers who cannot consume the above, you may bring in your own snack if you like.  

If you have any questions regarding this matter please email

Class Parties/Food Allergies
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